Sunday, September 10, 2017

Moms that create thrive.

Two things happened today to kick start this post (and me to return to the world of blogging). First, I was whipping up a batch of muffins for Sunday breakfast, I couldn't find my old favorite recipe, and in the search for a new, one, I did some tweaking to hopefully get my desired result. Second, one of my girls was struggling with the all too common, "what do I wear to church" dilemma? I first started to give my traditional, programmed Sunday morning answer, and then my current work in the apparel industry caused me to stop, drop the old language and give her a solid answer that would empower her for more than just Sunday mornings.

Moms, we have a lot going on in our lives. Whether your career is currently focused at home; is split between the home and somewhere else; or you run a business from your home, you are busy. I know we are busy, but busy should not trump you thriving in your own life, and helping your kids learn how to thrive. 

We have a greater purpose than laundry, dishes, chauffeurs and even meal prep. Our kids need to be ready to LIVE their lives with focus and clarity. If they haven't seen us practice the habits and take the steps to make it happen in our lives, they are either going to struggle to figure it out, or miss out on an amazing life.
Over the last 3-years I have been on the path to figuring out what that looks like. I still haven't arrived, but I have picked up an amazing amount of new life skills and habits along the way to keep me stepping up to what is next in my life. For me, that even includes my kids and husbands doing their own laundry. :) 
Life isn't about perfection, but it does require progress, and progress requires dropping some old beliefs, habits and traditions, to get us where we are really called to go, allowing all of us to thrive.
So, who wants more thrive for themselves and their kids? Let's do this!

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