Thursday, March 4, 2010

five senses friday

Thanks to Abby for hosting five senses friday. Always a favorite.

five senses friday-my honest and unromantic version...

seeing: finally, the sun
-lots of messes
-new library books
-trying this yarn dying project out soon hopefully

feeling: yarn and cable needle
-bills and laundry
-feeling the weather warm up a bit

smelling: the method hard wood floor cleaner
-country style rib left-overs all week...
-new laundry detergent scent
-Vicks for our feet to help with the persistent cough

tasting: peanut butter and white chocolate
-diet coke and dr. pepper (so bad, I know)

hearing: about the rain forest at the library
-lots of piano practice and reading a loud
-a library card with no late fees (music to my ears)
-guineas at our friends farm

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