the sloppy joe

Santa Fe Shrimp and Avocado Dish


white vanilla cake
lemon lime bars with a brown butter shortbread (Tartine)

triple berry homemade ice cream

creamy ricotta and berry tart

banana cupcakes

meal planning

Monday (holiday) brunch - blueberry muffins, omelets, breakfast burritos
Tuesday - manicotti (from the freezer), lettuce salad,  and cheese breadsticks
Wednesday -home made pizza
Thursday -  tex mex chicken strips (from freezer) for lunch
     -supper - carribeean pork loin grilled, fries
Friday - cous cous, pita bread for lunch
     -supper - philly cheese steaks, potato soup
Saturday - left overs, chicken strips and sandwiches

more coming soon... with recipes categorized to hopefully make it a bit easier to navigate.