Friday, March 19, 2010

five senses friday

seeing/feeling: -The totally finished Coraline. I love it. It is the cardigan I was hoping it would be. My only thing I wish was different would be the length of the sleeves. I even added extra rows but it still wasn't enough.
-This week in art + craft class, I introduced polymer clay. Very fun class. This polymer clay jewelry is some I would love to buy/and/or make.
-A finished pair of baby socks-off the needles last night. pattern free from Jackie Z at Magpie Patterns.
-clean cabinets in the kitchen (one of my spring break goals I did finish...)
-daffodils blooming

smelling: -tacos, chicken and noodles, nothing I am really craving right now.

hearing: -kids getting along and disagreeing in the next breath

tasting: -Chipolte's on Tuesday. I love that place.

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