Wednesday, March 3, 2010

two menus

February 22-27th

On Saturday I also made two types of banana muffins. Plain for the kids and banana chocolate expresso from "Baked" - incredible! And so was the chocolate diner style pie I made for dessert later that evening. ;)

Monday: beef enchiladas and rice*
Tuesday: roast with noodles, gravy and mashed potatoes (friends over for supper after class)
Wednesday: home made pizza
Thursday: (art + craft night) tacos
Friday: corn dogs and left overs
Saturday: cheese breadsticks and fetachinni alfredo

*note: I used adobe with the rice, a bit too smoky flavored for us.

this week:

Sunday: we ate out. :)
Monday: country style pork ribs, mashed potatoes, frozen corn and fresh bread
Tuesday: chicken wraps with chips
Wednesday: home made pizza night
Thursday: meatballs (J.O. recipe?) and ....
Friday: roast or hamburger??? (piano lessons and half day at the office)
Saturday: celebrating with both the Casner and the Burwick side.

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