Friday, April 9, 2010

five senses friday

I'm joining in five senses today. Hosted by Abby. Who by the way has some really fun bookmarks in her shop right now. ;)

iPhoto and are still struggling with the pictures....

five senses friday.

feeling: yarn between my fingers-finally finished winding the knotted yarn I dyed a couple of weeks ago-it is lace weight so 1200 yards took awhile
- cascades 220 for my own tea leaves cardi
-clean laundry

tasting: more chocolate chip cookies and coffee (less soda!)
-barbecued beef
-lemon bars made from this recipe found through tinyhappy

smelling: hard boiled eggs for some potato salad
-still hard to smell most things due to allergy season...

seeing: this adorable handbag
-luggage (we are headed to FCA State Conference later today)
-tulips and rosebuds budding out
-she is having a yarn update tomorrow
-fifth graders passing out flowers and handmade cards

hearing: my feet running on the treadmill - 3 1/2 plus miles last night - first time in several years I am sorry to admit
-"when are you going to be done??"
-"now are you almost done?" hint, hint, I better go....

no longer feeling this pair of fetching mitts - finally given away for a very late Christmas present to a dear friend.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for playing!
    Those mitts are so darn cute and cookies sound pretty good right about now :)