Thursday, May 6, 2010

five senses friday

five senses friday hosted by Abby.

seeing: my garden filled with seeds and plants, rose and peony buds, beautiful surprises in the back yard, this bag, this challenge, new vase from my sweet sister-in-law (foliage included ;)), this book

feeling: my size 1 knitting needles and that green yarn!!, dirt and seeds

tasting: fresh home made bread, spinach, strawberries, lemon cream cheese bars

smelling: sun screen, coffee, fresh bread

hearing: lots of chatter, requests for missing lawn mower key (it was found last night), old Arthur episodes, the sprinkler and laughter

thinking: making granola has been on the brain. I bought the ingredients I was missing last night. one of my inspirations from 3191 miles apart.

1 comment:

  1. i adore your "smelling".

    here's my list...

    xo Alison