Monday, May 3, 2010

"mom moment"

my mother's day gift... love it!

Hannah has a music program tonight. This morning she was rehashing the fact that her Grandma and Matheau didn't make it to the one around Christmas because they went to Jason's accident. She brings it up a lot and so this morning I stopped and said that she needed to let it go. That they had to go. As I stopped what I was doing and walked over to her it was like God was saying to me to say more. It hit me that maybe all this time, while I was thinking she was being silly about it - it was just a program and Jason was trapped in the vehicle with the boys-she was thinking they chose him over her. That maybe they loved him more and she was less important... When I shared that it wasn't a choice and that they didn't chose him over her-they had too, and that they loved her as much as ever and just affirmed that it wasn't a choice, she started to cry and as I hugged her, I felt like that was it.

Life is so busy at this stage, finally this week I have three nights that I am not teaching or helping with something. I don't know if I finally am letting my own mind take an extra breath to be more sensitive, or whatever it is, but I am glad I stopped and went to her and really listened.

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