Friday, May 28, 2010

five senses friday.

five senses friday, hosted by Abby. Abby just made a major move to Austin, so she may not be playing today. I type like I know her in real life, which I don't, but I love having her photography around the house and peaking out of my books to bring a smile. ;)

seeing: my Grandpa in the hospital and my Dad working hard to make life the best for his Dad, new dishes that were my Grandma's, weeds starting to pop up, fun tags from a friend

smelling: hospital, roses and honey suckle

tasting: coffee, roast beef sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies & strawberries from the garden

feeling: yarn, good books, tiny beads and buttons, school books

hearing: coughs (Alli has a cold), the piano and keyboard, someone learning to play the clarinet

School is officially done. Yesterday I started to clean up and out and prepare for bits of school this summer. I don't know if all home school moms deal with this, but lots of little things pile up and are left unfinished to make sure work is completed and new skills are learned during the school year. So today, I am looking forward to a bit more time to begin catching up and setting some goals for the summer break. Also some knitting needs to be done for a wedding tomorrow. ;)

*photos: lavender in the garden, the first Christmas gift finished, a peak of the new dishes, a simple necklace made with some beads and a button, and the first bloom from another rose bush.

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  1. strawberries for the garden sounds perfect.

    here's my list :)

    xo Alison