Thursday, June 10, 2010

five senses Friday.

five senses friday.

hosted by Abby.

This has been a full and fun week. Starting with a family reunion last weekend and camp through this week in Oklahoma. Here is a short list. ;)

smelling: coffee, laundry, cleaning supplies

tasting: blueberry-banana cake, camp food -really good camp food, left over cream cheese frosting, sweet tea and a little dr. pepper, lettuce and my first pea pod from the garden

hearing: singing, "do you have your flip-flops on and your Bible?", "I love you, Mom" from my youngest two when we were all back together again, "do I have ALL your laundry?"

feeling: tired, content, frustrated with the mess from so many trips to different places, and on the other side of feeling - thrifted sheets and fabric

seeing: lots and lots of kids, lots of trees and plenty of ticks, these sweet patterns from oliver + s and a postcard from a new friend in France, family from California and Oregon, beautiful hydrangeas in bloom, lots of yarrow and my corn coming nicely out of the ground, Luke's cool bird journal


  1. Oh my goodness-that bread sounds so delicious :)
    Those drawings are just so precious. I hope you are having a great weekend!