Monday, June 21, 2010

for Eliana.

Today Eliana ate solid food for the first time in eight days. With help of course, but she still was able to swallow. And with help she is trying to walk, get dressed, brush her teeth, all steps that mean she is getting better and God is healing her body.

I wanted to make her something to go with our get-well cards and "Ezra's letter satchel" was what I ended up going with. Instead of velcro and a button I used a snap and cut out a flower using a scrap of wool felt to layer under the top snap. (hard to see with all the pink).

pattern: from Handmade Home

fabric: thrifted vintage sheet for lining and flour sack for the outside.

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  1. I've been getting the updates from her caring bridge...such wonderful news!! Love the gift and I'm sure she will too!! I see those sheets are coming in very handy! I bought two vintage pillowcases Saturday for the girls to have new dresses for pictures soon and saw some AWESOME feed sacks/flour sacks..thinking about going back and getting them..I thought of you when I saw them! :)