Friday, July 23, 2010

five senses friday.

five senses friday (hosted by Abby), oh how I have missed thee and longed for some normalcy to play along... This week hasn't had much "normal" to it, but while I wait for my coffee to finish brewing. ;)

hearing: -washing machine -hospital buzzers going off -the garage door opening -delirous? "king of fools" -my Grandpa not remembering who I am time

tasting: -Chipotle -quiche and pickled beets -fresh onion and cucumber -corn on the cob -sugar cookies -blueberries

smelling: -hospital smells -clean laundry as I hang it to dry -my morning coffee

seeing: -ironing almost finished -finished cozy boloro and baby hat -I didn't read all the directions and now have to back track on my ordinarily extraordinary blanket!! -swimming pool -garlands -Wood & Wool Stool -my desktop image from forty-sixth at grace

feeling: -yarn -salvation army thrifty goodness (namely sheets) -luggage -the steering wheel

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