Tuesday, July 6, 2010

things that I'm liking right now.

Lately it seems like there has been extra stress and temptations to let worry set in. Well, today I'm working to get work caught up on and looking ahead to what God has in store.


-I'm lovin' my kids being all home and no official school.

-Dottie's creativity and her wall paper gives me hope for our old home.

-this very fun and practical envelope idea from A Cup of Coffee, My Dog and Me

-Hip Home's pie and sewing

-Alicia's quilts

-friends (that I really know if real life ;))that keep amazing me with their generosity and open hearts.

-Hannah's lovely photos

-that my own Hannah wrote (with guitar) her first song of praise

-Psalm 121

-time for crafting...

-my husband's small amp so he can jam in the living room and I can knit/crochet

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