Monday, July 19, 2010

finally finished - and fashion.

Ok, the scarf that seemed to take me forever, is finished, blocked and ready to wear when the temps drop a bit. I love the pattern and the yarn, but it was really too long of a project for me.

Thrifting and fashion. I love seeing blogs where I see what gals are wearing. When I was young, I would spend hours going through Vogue and Elle magazine, cutting out clothes I loved. Since then I have had four children, nursed four children, lost and gained and lost weight, my body has shifted in ways I would not have thought possible, and finally, I am wearing a size I feel the most comfortable in. I love food, especially good food and I do not mind standing at the kitchen sink and counter to make it. So, after adding in more exercise, praying - and eating less - I am a bit more comfortable in my skin. All that to say, if I can talk one of my children in taking photos of some of my thrifting fashions, I will share them here. dress and shoes both from goodwill.

scarf details:

pattern: Knitty

yarn: hands and notions

some details at ravelry

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