Sunday, August 29, 2010

{field notes}

starting rosemary.

While picking up our share from Sweet Rose Farm at the Farmer's Market, I mentioned how much I love rosemary and how mine hadn't grown well this year. Randy shared how to start some of my own with the bunch that were in my share. I tried it this past week and so far they look like they are going to make it. Thanks Randy.

You'll need: at least one sprig of rosemary (one for each pot you want to start), a small pot, potting soil, a knife or scissors and a bit of water.
  • First, take a sprig and take off the bottom leaves several inches up.
  • Then gently cut some notches into the stem where I just took off the leaves. (I used some kids scissors to do this.)
  • Then insert that end into the potting soil.
  • Water enough that it will help keep the sprig in there up right.
  • Place near a window and remember to keep watering.
Your rosemary should then grow through the winter and be ready to plant outdoors next spring!

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