Monday, September 27, 2010

birthday party.

Well, I have other things I want to show, but for now, birthday info.

For the rainbow cake, which I first saw at hulaseventy, I used "Baked" white out cake recipe. It is by hands down, the best white cake I have ever made. I can't wait to make/eat it again. For the frosting, I went ahead and used the same white chocolate buttercream that was with the cake recipe. I made a double batch of cake batter for the seven pans. For the buttercream, I made almost a double batch. I will make a double batch next time I make a seven layer cake. I made the cakes up on Tuesday night, and wrapped them in saran wrap, pulled them out Saturday morning after I had made the frosting up (at least the first batch. ;))

The mini cheesecakes were the same recipe from Alli's first birthday party.

The large cheesecake (with the candles standing for Percy Jackson), I also used a recipe from "Baked". For the crust, I used 2 c. worth of crushed oreos, 1/4. sugar and 1 stick butter (at room temp.).

For the "main course" I made a large batch of chili, and Mat fried a whole lot of fries up for chili cheese fries. Good eating and a fun party. :)

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