Friday, September 10, 2010

a wee bit sporadic?

well, well, well, another week rolls on by and even though I have had great intentions to post more - it just has not happened. So, since I am going to stick with my sporadic theme...

-Recently I decided to open an online store. However, when I opened the store, I was (and still am) working through packaging ideas. So, I think the store is going to close for a while, because how I mail out the order is important, and my desk has some washi tape and half-finished ideas that really aren't going to come to fruition as soon as I would like.

-my list of four simple goals continues to elude me. Why I find it so hard to narrow it down to four things... I'm guessing my brain is looking like my ironing board and sewing basket -overflowing with too many wants and not enough time.

-in my inbox this morning was the lovely toast house and home online catalog. (photos below)

-and Abby has some of the pretties book marks available for purchase. I bought some this spring and the ones I have kept always are a joy to see when I spot them in my Bible or one of my books...

-and we went and saw Nanny McPhee returns this past weekend. As amazing as the first. Maybe even more so, minus the granny square bla

some photos from toast. (there is an amazing granny square blanket in there as well.)

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