Thursday, October 14, 2010

a handy, dandy chalkboard.

So, I have been seeing all the chalkboard walls since Pottery Barn Kids catalog, oh, I don't know, 10 years ago? And wanting one all along. So, finally I made a small, test version. It worked. :)

-Old window frame (the glass had broken so I carefully cleaned out the rest and held onto it).
-thin piece of wood/veneer to fit into the frame. I just took my frame to the local lumber yard and they cut me a piece to fit.
-chalkboard paint (spray can)
-small nails or tacks

1. After I had the wood I just spray painted it (3 coats) and let it dry.
2. Fit it into the frame.
3. If you want to make sure it the chalkboard stays put, just nail some small nails or the tacks into the back in different spots. May also want to add a nail to hang if there isn't a place you can hang it on. I did not add a nail because there was enough of a lip (?) on the back to use.

That is all there was too it. I am hoping to make a larger version soon. One that will cover the outlets you see next to the chalkboard in the photo.

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