Monday, October 18, 2010

knitting patterns.

photo belongs to Jane Richmond.

There are so many amazing pattern writers out there right now, that if you knit, and spend much time on ravelry, you can most likely find some to suit you.

This year I have tried several patterns written by Jane Richmond, who I found through Magpie patterns. A few of her patterns, the Elsie, which is my favorite girls cardi to knit so far, the comfy bolero and jane hat pattern as well, are all great knits. Right now on ravelry she is running a buy 3 patterns and only pay for 2 special. Her mitten cuffs, the oatmeal pullover and a few others are next on my list to knit. However, I still smitten with pockets, so I may be adding those to the oatmeal pullover. ;)

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