Tuesday, October 5, 2010

most of my days.

Most of my days are full of looking down at our school books, deciding what is for lunch and supper/do I have enough choices for school lunch boxes, and laundry, ironing and fitting in time for redlogic work... but my mind wanders at times to so many other pretty things I wish I had time to fit in as well.

So, my shortened list today because I still have some of the above to finish this afternoon.

-hershey kisses pumpkin spice candies.

-poppytalk and Autumn colors week.

-carrot cake at Trotski and Ash.

photo belongs to Trotski and Ash.

-Hannah's effortless cardigan at Knitbot.
photo from Knitbot.

-the bestest brownies I've ever made and eaten.

-Elly's water bottle cover from garment house

-Frolic's Chelsea Fuss' work at Elizabeth Anne Designs (Fall in the Countryside)

-Katy Elliot's apple cider doughnuts and list of lovely cardigan links

-bracelet pattern from "More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts". I hadn't purchased a new knitting book in a long time. This one was worth it.

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