Thursday, October 21, 2010

thursday and 3 "t's"

Another pair of Toastys - this pair for a friend. Quince yarn is the best yarn! Soft and beautiful colors. I didn't quite use a full skein of the honey colorway for the hand warmers, and just a bit of bark.

My tea leaves cardigan ready for two buttons.

Tomato soup and toasted day old bread. (I guess the toasted could make four t's.)


  1. The cardigan looks fantastic! And, of course, those mitts (Quince!) looks perfect for fall—love your colors picks. Is that Carrie's Yellow & Twig??

  2. I used Quince's honey and bark. Although, after seeing the new scarf squared pattern, I order a skein of carrie's yellow and wished I had more to make a new cardigan or sweater. ;)