Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, I still knit.

I have just been struggling with a hat - the same hat that has had me thwarted two years in a row. I think -"think" is a loose term here - that I may have got it. We will see. Eighteen rows to go.

Other then that, working on a Christmas gifts a.k.a hand warmers.

Yarns and patterns used:
brown hand warmers:
pattern: Toastys from a-friend-to-knit-with
light brown - nature spun from the Brown sheep Company
pink - sorbet (lark from from quince and co.)
dark brown - bark (lark from from quince and co.)

blue hand warmers:
pattern from "More Last-Minute Gifts" I tweaked it just a bit for time's sake, using only one set of needles and k1/p1 instead of k2/p2 at the top and bottom of warmers.
yarn - valley farms. A merino - super soft.

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