Saturday, December 4, 2010

this Saturday.

Since I went to bed not feeling well, and woke up some better... I thought I would look for some inspiration as I contemplate making an oatmeal chocolate chip cake and starting the laundry. All photos with links below them as to where they were found. Have a wonderful and cozy weekend.

found at design as mine. print from "The Weather Girl" Shop.

found at frolic.

found at Abby Try Again, created by Abby and Shanna Murray. And please head over there because you can download it there as a desktop for your computer monitor.


  1. i just tumbled that photo by abby this morning. SO inspiring. glad you're feeling better!

    xo Alison

  2. Hi Alison, thanks. I woke up feeling "like myself" this morning - finally. :) I have used some of these downloads this year, somehow I would forget to check on a new one each month.

  3. Thanks for featuring my illustration on your lovely blog!