Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas expectations.

So, yesterday, I had a brief melt down over what all I want to do for Christmas, and what I realistically can do. Let me tell you, these two lists look very different. ;)
Oh well, what I can do and have finished? Some quick tags with paper dollies to dress them up. (I saw these somewhere in blogland??) and my simple felt tags from purl (simple because I used my lovely sewing machine instead of a needle and embroidery floss. Which I first mentioned awhile back.

And a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies. I traded out 1 cup of chocolate chips for 1 c. of andes mint chips and immediately felt better in calling it a festive type of cookie*.

If you are ahead of schedule and are looking for one or more Christmas projects, well, these are from my other list.

pom pom wreaths. photo and tutorial from Bleubird Vintage.

photo from Ysolda.
A new stocking using Ysolda's pattern (which is on sale right now).

If you do finish one of the above (or any other cool Christmas project), I'd love to see a photo. ;)

And before I forget, Plain and Joyful Living is having a really cool give away right now.

*I made the cookies smaller then the size mentioned in the recipe, so I cut the baking time down to 14 minutes total. This still makes a crunchier cookie - so I you want them softer - then I would say a little less then 14 minutes.


  1. i LOVE those stockings! so cute.

    have a wonderful day!

    xo Alison

  2. I can relate to the melt-down moments..they have been frequently my days of late too.

    I pray we can keep things simple so we can enjoy the precious and important things :-)

  3. Thanks Alison and Julze. I wish I had time to knit up one of those stockings-maybe if I made one right after Christmas for next year. Julze - are are right -praying about being intentional and simple for this Christmas is a perfect plan. :)