Friday, December 17, 2010

giving gifts.

My newest form of gift wrap. Christmas tins found for $0.50 a piece at the goodwill and a nearby antique store. After washing them, I just added a bit of tissue paper and maybe a paper doily with the gift. Can you guess what is inside?

Yesterday, the two younger girls made some presents for their piano teacher. When she opened them and saw that the girls had invested time for her gifts, she gave them a loving response, each a hug and kiss on the forehead. (She is already a Grandmother and wonderful piano teacher-which equals a very patient woman.) The girls could see she was happy. For the remainder of the day Alli kept saying, "I am just so happy. I don't know why." My response was when you give generously, it does make you feel good and happy. It really is true that giving is better then receiving.

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