Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Luke is 10 today!!!

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Some great things you need to know about Luke.
-He believes in fairness at all costs - at times this is rather one sided being just 10 - but fairness is of outmost importance

-He loves to make people laugh

-He loves to be center of attention - on his own terms

-If he hears it, he will probably never forget it

-He really is a super brother to three girls

-He will only kiss us before school before we leave, or on the way to school

-He loves homemade pizza and dessert

-He also loves pop tarts and cereal and wishes we were a more normal family so I would be these things.

-He is an athlete -Tae Kwan Doe, tumbling and soccer seem to be his favorites

-He loves to play the wii

-He is 110% for something or 110% opposed to something and he will share his opinion

-He is a follower of Christ and was baptized when he was nine.

-He shares his faith.



    adorable :)

    xo Alison

  2. Thanks Alison! I passed on the birthday wish. :)

  3. Sweet Luke! I love his passion, fire and he totally makes me laugh. He is a great friend to our Judah and all the Skipper's think the world of him. Loved seeing the pictures of him--where does the time go??