Thursday, January 27, 2011

"shop talk"

Opening a shop has had my mind racing more then the usual. There are lots of things I like to make, lots of things I will and would purchase handmade, but for what price and in what season? What kind of time do I allow for each piece to actually make it worth while? Some ideas I originally thought were "musts" have been crossed off because of how long they ended up taking and in the end - I didn't think were as great as I had envisioned, and some new ones ended up being made - because my girls and guy loved (ahem - "liked" for the guy) them and I think some other girls/guys will as well.

If anyone is interested, I am going to need a couple of pattern testers? It is a knitting project and the only stitches beyond knit/purl are yarn overs and k2tog's. Please email me or leave a comment if interested and I will get back with you. Thanks!


  1. I will gladly test knit for you hun! :)

  2. Thank you Amy! I was hoping I would hear from you. ;) I will be sending it your way soon.