Thursday, February 3, 2011

one last "valentine love" post

scrapbook layout from 2007 - maybe I will do one this February?

One weekend left before Valentine's, so one last post of ideas...

*A Foothill Home Companion DIY valentine burlap postcards

*Smoothpebble's Valentine Bunting

*Fossil's DIY "Be Mine" cupcake toppers and wraps from Creature Comforts

*tiny valentine's from reading my tea leaves

A thought on the "valentines boxes". I am a true believer in the kiddos creating their own. This was one Allison made in preschool. I help with some tape, one year I helped glue all of Hannah's tree branches on, but for the most part - if they can't do most of it, we don't do it. For me as mom, it takes some of the stress out of the "perfect box." It is good to let go of that idea and it is so fun to watch as the kids get older how their "boxes" change.

Allison 2008

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