Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow days and tax time.

Olive Manna's fabric calico ribbon

Tomorrow will be our third snow day in a row! The kids are totally loving it, with two in public school, and two home schooled, we just go ahead and take the days off. However, 3 is a bit much so I think we will be fitting in a bit more then piano practice.

This is tax season for me - at least for a couple of more weeks. Besides taxes, Matheau and I have been working on our online store. (very excited about this. :)) And I am excited to post that a guest blogger will be joining us later in the month (due to taxes, I don't really trust my mental state to post day to day.) I'll share more about her soon.

Have a great Thursday!

And just in case you also are working on your taxes, some good things to cheer you up.

*Olive Manna's fabric calico ribbon (photo above)

*Jennifer Causey's photo project "The Makers" found through Buttons Magee

*Dottie Angel's lovely notebooks

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  1. that ribbon is lovely. glad you like my tiny valentine post!