Thursday, March 31, 2011

annabel babe cardigan.

I've been wanting to make a baby cardi in garter stitch since I cast on for my camilla. So, when I saw Carrie from Madder and Quince & co. had a pattern coming  I thought I would wait until it was available. One of the things I love about her patterns is the way she joins the sleeves to the body. Hardly any seaming necessary - something I love in a knitting pattern. And also makes up for the time needed to sew on six buttons.

pattern: annabel babe


  1. super cute! Will check out the pattern. x

  2. i've been eyeing this for baby gifts - so so sweet! i'm glad that there's minimal seaming - i've basically given up on anything that isn't knit seamless...why seam when so much no longer requires it?

  3. Thank you! I'm so with you regarding seamless knitting - if I can't knit it on circulars - I just can't let myself purchase the pattern. ;)