Tuesday, March 1, 2011

small things.

So many things happening right now - many which have been of the testing nature. But the small, good things help the long days not seem quite so long.

baby moccasins made using pattern from The purl bee.

Christmas crafting twenty - eleven for the month of February*. 

It hit me last Friday that the month was almost over and I hadn't fit in my crafting day yet. The two Christmas tree sweaters were all I could muster. The paper was screen printed - but I can not remember by whom?

Yarn for the booties. The white is frog tree sport, and the tan is handspun from a friend. The blue is knit picks palette. Next pair I will use a sport weight yarn for the duplicate stitch - I think it will show up more. Same blue for the mini sweaters, the plum is some Lizzie and I dyed in kool-aide.

Some other good things in February? My knitting class was so much fun - already scheduled one for the end of March and early April. Knitting with friends. And Matheau and I have been watching "Alias" after we put the kids to bed. How did we miss it all five years?? 


  1. super cute! don't you just LOVE the purlbee? one of my favourites for sure.

    and your plan to craft for christmas once a month is pure genius!!!

  2. Thank you! If purlbee ever pulls all those lovely free patterns I am in trouble! If I had more time, I would try to do one of there projects each week because they have so many amazing ones.