Monday, May 23, 2011

some new good things in and around our home.

So, my birthday and Mother's day rocked. I even scored breakfast in bed for my birthday. Besides that, we have some fruit trees in the ground, with fruit growing on many of them. A sweet new fire pit that Matheau made Mother's day weekend, some painting is done, new curtains hanging and a new bench in the  kitchen. It was a trade. One I majorly benefited from. Matheau fixed our friends computer, and BJ did some work around our place.

More then that has been happening, but I think I have boasted enough for now.


  1. I like the fire pit,and the bench. Actually, I have been dreaming about both lately. Yours turned out well.

  2. Thanks Soili. I wish I could take the credit. All I did was move a couple of the blocks for the fire pit. ;)