Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the best of summer plans.

I previously mentioned some of my summer goals (which included some fabric dying and more to come) that I hope to accomplish over summer 2011. Mostly the crafty kind. I do have some goals that are not of the crafty variety, but the ones I am working on everyday. 

As you probably already know, our oldest two children are in public school. (An amazing public school full of great staff and we are loving being a part of). Our youngest two are still learning at home, which I am so glad to have the opportunity to get our kids off to a great start. However, I feel like summer for us is a time to keep building on the foundation principles we live by. When the school year kicks back off in August, my goal is that they are not only ready to academic keep on growing, but that spiritually we have grown to prepare us for the school year. There are lots of great kids in the schools, but I remember being a kid and all the temptations that are around. Whether is just to stay strong and not swear when the others are to "dating" when that absolutely makes no since at all. I spend the summer praying that they are ready to stand strong for what is right, and not just be a follower. That they are prepared to think quickly and make choices that that they will always be proud of and not regret. 

This summer we have started a daily devotional together. It is called "Jesus Calling. 365 Devotions for Kids" by Sarah Young and adapted by Tama Fortner. It is short so we can fit it into our ever changing and so far, busy summer. I'm loving it. And most importantly, so are the kids. We take turns closing in prayer and reading the scriptures that go with the day. Some of the best 5-10 minutes spent during our day. 

*dying supplies ordered from dharma trading company and shirts from Old Navy.

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