Saturday, July 9, 2011

A County Fair Muffin Tip.

Mrs. Hammer, the kids piano teacher and a very sweet friend, also likes to bake. Well, recently she left out a couple of old cookbooks and some blank recipe cards for me. This past Thursday, I learned from the "County Fair Cookbook" from 1975 that I have been over stirring my muffins. The batter still should still have a few streaks of the flour mixture when you stop mixing the dry and wet ingredients. I tested it this morning. I think they are my best muffins ever.


  1. I love old cookbooks, most of my favourite recipes come from books owned by my Gran and Mother. There are exceptions though, I found a recent recipe for 'curried eggs with pineapple' in a UK book from 1972, not one I'll be trying soon. Bethx

  2. I don't think I would be too quick to try that myself. :)