Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspiring .... love and not critisism.

Alli's practice cake - getting ready for fair.
So last Friday and Saturday,  I battled a negative attitude both days!! I made sure I did yoga to start the day off, we went to the pool, thinking that would help combat it, but it just wasn't enough. I have lots of excuses i.e. distractions that could be making the struggle seem tougher, but no excuse is necessary, I just couldn't get over what was causing my mood to get in the way. It seemed like the kids could do not right - lazy choices both days - which only added to my frustration. I couldn't get much done - more frustration

Sunday morning rolls around, and Joe teaches on "criticism to love*" and well, ouch! He made a comment that pretty much summed up my problem. I don't remember it exactly, but when our focus is on the faults of others, and don't look for the good in them, we are critical. And, quite honestly, I've never know any one with a critical spirit to be any joy to be around. They don't even seem to like to around themselves!!

So, that got me to thinking about my summer goals, specifically the part about building the foundation of our family. Time to re-adjust.

As moms and wives, I think most of us spend a lot of our time re-adjusting/revising our schedules to fit the needs of our family's. Out of all aspects of my role in mom and wife, I find this the hardest, and the most needed. It would be so much easier if once the schedules were posted, life didn't through any curve balls, and the schedules didn't need to be changed/tweaked/marked on and over.

So, Monday the tweaking began, new plans of how to fill our days, encouraging not criticizing. Back on track with our devotional, pulling out our new art bags and some of those supplies and starting art class, checking in on how their silent reading has been going. Asking for intentional questions, less lazy go-with-the-flow ones. It is still summer, and we still are going to enjoy these summer days, but with a lot more intention and a whole lot less frustration.

*If you are curious, our Pastor was teaching from Numbers 12 (quite a good read)
*Psalm 143:8 

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