Friday, July 15, 2011

sixteen years!!!

Marvel Cave, Silver Dollar City this summer

Matheau and I were married sixteen years ago today!! This morning I pulled out the photo album to reminisce a bit.  There were some obvious changes, and some not so obvious ones... besides for hairstyles - I had bangs, Matheau's hair was much shorter (I love his hair more grown out); some of our friends we still keep in touch with and I would still call really good friends even if we don't get to see them all that often, some we haven't talked to in years. The family has lost some loved ones with time, and more loved ones have been welcomed in. We've had our share of moves, along with our families and friends who helped with all those moves.

However, I would say the biggest changes are in our hearts. Our hearts have grown to love each other more, even with the same- and some new- quirks we only realized after the wedding vows were said. Our hearts have grown to include our four amazing children. I just am overwhelmed with how blessed I am. Don't get me wrong - we struggle with owning our own business and the transitions that have to take place as the economy does,  living on a budget, working together when there are so many places to be and goals to attempt to accomplish in a day and saying no wii or television for the 30th time!! ;)

But when each day comes to an end and I may wish I would have done this or that differently, fit one more thing in.... we can thank God for what He has done in our lives, and because of that, we are able to love when we don't feel like it, give when we would rather take, and pass that on to our four, who will pass it own to their own in time.

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