Wednesday, July 13, 2011

surprises from the past.

Matheau's Grandma Helen is getting ready to move in with his parents. This is no small task since Grandma Helen and Grandpa Vernon lived in the home Grandpa Vernon grew up in. The other morning Donna (my Mom-in-law) called and asked if I was interested in any of Matheau's Great Grandma Ann's old belts. I said sure and I offered to take any dresses, skirts or blouses they may uncover as well. I didn't know what to expect, so when I was going through the bags I was really excited to find a couple of lovely dresses. After washing, further inspection repairing a couple of seams-and trying them on- I now have a couple of really lovely dresses to wear that were first worn by Great Grandma Ann.

(edited to add: I found a really cute belt from Ruche (similar to this one) that I wear with it. I really like the look of the thicker belt.)


  1. You and that dress are just adorable!!

  2. Ah, thanks Amy. I dislike seeing myself in photos so much-only for the cool dress factor did I keep the photo. (Luke took it for me). I kept removing it, adding it.... finally I just forced myself to leave it alone. ;)