Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy, happy birthday!

She showed up in our room around 5 a.m. telling me she just couldn't sleep. I knew it was because her birthday was already on her mind and I told her she could climb in with us. All day she would kind of flit around - and I could just tell that her mind was on her turning 7! School was accomplished - a bit slower then normal - but still finished. The marshmallow filling was made. We filled, frosted, and topped each with a smiley face of more marshmallows... more impatiently waiting to add the candles. Discussion with Allison of which color of candles... and finally supper finished and on to the singing! 

After cupcakes, pin the tail on the donkey. (Thankfully all siblings were willing participants.) And to really make it official, her first night of Ta - Kwan - Doe! She called me about 5 times from when she arrived to when class was going to start. And to be very honest, I was happy she did. For the last couple of years, unless someone was sick, she and I hung out together during that time. She'd help with supper, sometimes watch a younger kids movie none of the other kids would watch any more (Barbie and the Nutcracker, anyone?), sometimes she would ride her bike while I ran... good times... Ah, it is hard to wrap my mind around the idea that our youngest child is seven years old. The end of September we will officially be parenting a teenager - and I finally starting reading about tweens! I remind myself a lot of seasons. As seasons change, some things usually get a bit easier, and some a bit harder. It is part of life, my growing as a person as much as my kids. A part I sometimes have to push myself a bit to look for the greatness in it all. It is great though - because we are here, and blessed to live it out. 

Happy birthday my ever zealous Lizzie, I mean Elizabeth, as you like to be called these days. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth, looks like she had a lovely time (great name by the way ;) ) Bethx

  2. Thank you Beth! It was a wonderful day! And agree with the name being a great one. ;)