Tuesday, August 30, 2011

birthday girl.

I can hardly believe Lizzie turns seven today! Where has the time went!! To celebrate, we are having chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow filling, marshmallow frosting, and a marshmallow on top. And tacos. And if you have seen her anytime in the last two weeks, you already knew that. ;)

*The photo is of a card a made 6 years ago. 


  1. Many congratulations to Lizzie! Time does fly, doesn't it!
    My twin boy and girl will be 7 in January. I can barely believe it either.
    I wish you all a day full of love and goodness together!

  2. Thank you! It has been a good day so far - cupcakes (and an extra pan) of marshmallows are made. Pin the tail on the donkey is hung - all is well. ;)

  3. That is SO cute! and what a lovely memory to have on paper. Bethx