Monday, August 15, 2011

home again.

We are home from vacation and now time to catch up and re-organize, and get ready for the school year (home school for the younger two, public for the older) to start. 

Loxley passed away right before we left for vacation, we aren't sure how or why, she/he seemed to have lots of energy up until Wednesday morning. She is missed though. Especially when she would lick our fingers for extra milk after she had finished a medicine dropper. 

Football for Luke starts today and school next week. Lots to do. It is always hard to come home and hit the ground running, but, we had yesterday and a bit more time on the lake to ease it to today. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. We are heading home from our holidays at the end of this week and I'm kind of sad about that spare week between getting back and the boys starting school as I know it will feel a bit like waiting at a bus stop (if that makes sense). Still, we will have plenty to keep us busy and I still have all the school labels to stitch on clothing! Sorry to read about Loxley. Bethx

  2. Beth, thanks in regards to Loxley. That's a perfect similie to describe the week. I hope your holiday has been a wonderful one!