Friday, August 5, 2011

tote bag patterns.

I've finally finished writing up a couple of tote bag patterns - the ones I make time and time again, and then hunt around for the measurements because I never really put all my notes in one place! And with the help of Trina, Mat's intern at redlogic -they are almost ready to print. I'm still working on finishing up the small and simple tote bag pattern, and may need a few more tweak here and there... but they are getting close.

The top photo is the art tote bags.

The bottom photo is of an iPad bag. For the tote bag exterior, I used my Grandma's leather jacket. I've had it for years and it has not fit in years, there was a little guilt cutting into it, but now that it is finished, I'm glad I did. Since she was a seamstress, I don't think she would have minded.

(Edited: I have posted a free pattern for the iPad tote. You can find it also on the top menu bar and other patterns under tutorials and patterns.)