Monday, October 17, 2011

a bit of this and that.

lots of time for the rip stick before  the football game - we one our first playoff game!

 finally a finished pair of mary jane slippers - with or with out the flowers??

Maybe even some rosy red cheeks for the warm sunshine today...

This weekend has been a lovely one. We actually turned down an obligation and enjoyed some family time on Saturday. Just in time because Sunday we did the the familiar divide and play football, dodgeball, and all else that falls into the "divide and get everyone where they need to be going" theme of our lives. Which is what the evenings and weekend have been like since the end of August. Not that there haven't been a lot of good times in all that, there have been. I'm just a Mom that prefers we do a bit more together then apart. I think most of us are.

Well, as one more load of clothes washes to prepare us for another week of splitting up and getting to sports and appointments.... it was most definitely time for some coffee and a blog break. Now to a wee bit of ironing.

note: the slippers are part of my Christmas 2011 collection (ever so small as it is) and the yarn is honey from quince and company, the turquoise is some italian yarn from my stash...

And staying with the color theme here... our good friend Amy took our photos last weekend. So excited to print these!

Hope you have a most wonderful Monday!


  1. Thanks Amy. I always love your photos. :)

  2. LOVE the mary janes (I like them with the flowers I think but both ways they are great) and what a lovely sounding weekend, something for everyone. Fab family photo! Bethx

  3. Thank you Beth! I ended up sewing felt with a brooch-pin to the back. That way they can be left on or removed. I'm with you though, I like the flowers. :)