Thursday, October 27, 2011

my love of chalkboard paint.

More from Matheau's birthday party. We have had this milk crate on the front porch for 10 years?? I thought it would be time to move it's location and use it for our smore/sticks-forks. I added the  paint just livened it up a bit. I think it looks much more ready for a party, don't you? ;) I did the same with the large mason jar (that I used for the marshmallows). To get some what of a straight line, before painting, I ran a strip of thick tape around it so I could paint right up to the "line" and still keep the paint consistent.


  1. I so want some chalkboard paint but who knows where it would stop? I tend to get a bit over excited by this kind of thing ;) Love the painted milk churn, great idea. Bethx

  2. Thanks Beth, if I would not have run out, I think I would still be spray painting. I saw on pinterst someone was even spraying their gift tags!