Wednesday, October 5, 2011

some photos & where to start?

We've had 3 birthdays in the last month... and parties. :)

We've been to North Dakota for my Grandpa's funeral and to visit friends, family, and the places where my life began...

We've enrolled the younger girls into our public school and I am now working with Mat and Mark at Redlogic during the day. And as life goes, it just keeps changing. And change is good (sometimes tough, but still good).  


  1. Life sounds hectic for you, glad it's a good kind of hectic though. I love visiting 'home' it always helps to put my life into perspective, your photos are great , my boys always climb into my brother's tractor wheels when we visit the family farm for a similar shot. Bx

  2. Thanks Beth! Too fun about the tractor wheels. :)

  3. sorry about your grandfather.
    oh life, it just is...
    great pictures, i love the rural setting and your photographs.