Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've knit a lot of hats - I don't know exactly how many because I have never taken the time to count, but I know I have knit more hats then any other item. And for a lot of different people. 

When I started knitting, hats were really intimidating because those circular needles looked a bit scary, and then switching to double pointed. What in the heck were those?? Scarves were much safer. (That was before I learned to do anything more then knit and purl.) 

Earlier on, I would decide what kind of hat I would knit for the kids. Not because I was trying to dictate style, but more because my skills were pretty limited. As I have become more comfortable with knitting, I have given the kids the freedom to decide. Now it is a fun way to look back and see what their favorite colors were, and what they liked as far as style goes. Almost like a bit of a time line. If you remember my first post regarding hats for this winter, you would notice there are some changes from what they originally wanted. That is how it goes, and I just try to knit some love into them... And when they put them on, and like them, and even wear them to school. Well, that is pure joy for me. 

Alli's is finished. Mine is the only one left and I have a couple of other projects I need to work on first... ;)

hat information:
pattern: Ripley by Ysolda
yarn: Parsley in puffin from quince &co.


  1. I've just back read all of your lovely new hat posts, oh you are clever and your kids are lucky you make them such individual and gorgeous things. I have knitting envy again :)

  2. Hee, hee... Honestly, I'm so glad they like the hats! Every once in a while I'll hear something about a sweater being knit for one of them... One of these days in another season of life. Maybe...