Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Mollie Makes" and Sundays.

Sunday, I took some time to play around at the sewing machine while I was making cookies. I finally pulled out my "lovely linen kit" from Mollie Makes issue 5. It was wonderful to just take the time to pull out some fabric from my stash to go along with this cute little project kit and make something!

Usually on Sunday's, if at all possible, we make time to rest. And if you live in our home, that means a nap.  Our weeks are full like everyone else's, and that is the day we try to recharge our batteries a bit. I have going through a Bible Study over the last 10 weeks, and one of the ideas that really stuck out to me, is sometimes we say yes to lots of things that really aren't necessary-that can be in everyday life "stuff" and even within our church (if your family does have a church family). That part I feel like I've gotten fairly good at, but I haven't always taken time at home to say no to my to-do list.

Some weekends we are away, but when home our mornings are pretty full with church - which is my mind the best thing to get my week off to a good start. We have an incredible church family and worshipping God together is something this heart of mine needs. However Sunday afternoons are a different story. Here are a few Sunday changes I've made that have really given me a bit more time to rest and get ready to begin my week.One of things small things I started doing after heading back to "work" has been no laundry on Sundays. I dread laundry. So on Sunday's I have given myself permission to wait and start a load before bed - that is it. Amazingly I haven't been more behind! Another change I've made is guilt-free, simpler, Sunday meals - even if it is eating up those left overs mixed with some cheese quesadillas. I still do my dishes, pick up a bit, but the time at the sewing machine just doing something that was for me made the beginning of the work week that much easier to jump up and out of bed, and in to.

Hopefully reading this may encourage you if you are a Mom and wife similar to myself-take some time and relax-however that looks to you!

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