Thursday, November 24, 2011


(all photos pulled from 2008 archives.)

some specifics in random order * for my husband who remembers my birthday * for my close friends who will get up early to run some miles with me and make monkey bread and kettle corn "just because" * for our church family that remind me life is so much more then about me * for a home with a new furnace and heat vents that you can feel the heat out!  * for my parents & parents in law who are encouragers and friends * for those first settlers and the indians that had open hearts * for a God that saves us and fills the empty spaces (Isaiah 61) *for our amazing kids who surprise me every day with what they say and do (especially when they are getting along!) * for our amazing teachers and staff we trust our kids with every school day * for redlogic - the catalyst for so many ideas and dreams Matheau has * for all my in-laws - who really are a joy to be around and make get togethers good things

There are more, but I'll leave you with those. If you are an American this morning, Happy Thanksgiving! If you live in some fine other land today, may your day be an amazing one!

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