Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Putting on the perfect Christmas"...

I recently was going through a very past issue of "Country Living" when I read that on the cover... "Putting on" the perfect Christmas. The article name got me thinking about what exactly are the stressors of this most lovely month. It didn't take me until December 3rd to feel some of the stress of the month. Between property taxes being due and the overwhelming thought of Christmas preparations- on top of all the normal happenings of the month - I was secretly saying ''ba hum bug". Until I read that title and it kind of put it in perspective. It isn't my job to "put on" Christmas. Christmas was not my idea, and all my ideas were part of the cause of my struggle.

So I did what I often have to do. I took a step back, made a new list of the priorities. l decided to donate my hair to locks of love, I decided that a little laundry each day would probably be all I could fit in, and the reflection of the Christmas lights on the pile to the right of the tree is really ok - with the overhead fixtures turned off.  I decided to take a bit of time here and there to fit in writing down some of the things we have done this month. I still fit in some fun Christmas gift creating. And I still have some I would like to do and some presents to finish wrapping up.  But the pressure was and is off, and like the laundry, a little bit is worked in to each day, some days more then others, and that is much more joyful. And like it should be, the focus in my heart has been on the thankfulness of Christ's birth, and not all about myself.

Wishing you all a joyful remainder of the week before Christmas. And tomorrow - a couple of quick recipes to share in case a surprise gathering arrives. ;)


  1. Yes, you are so right. We put so much pressure on ourselves and it makes sense to take that step back and try to reduce the list. We are about ready after a day of finishing off some homemade gifts and rather a lot of wrapping and like you I have been doing a little bit of laundry and cleaning each day. I hope the last few days prove to be as stress free as possible and on the big day itself you and yours have a lovely time. Bethx

  2. Thanks Beth! Many wishes for a enjoyable and merry Christmas holiday for you and your family as well.