Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did you know??

That the small stash of peppermint bark I had saved from Christmas - still tastes good! I haven't  had coffee in a while, and trying to warm up, I brewed a cup, and made an office-refrigerator search for some chocolate! Low and behold, toward the back-was the peppermint bark I had saved. What a great treat for this Tuesday morning... in case you are in need of a recipe for it? You can find it here. I don't think it is too late to make a batch. :)


  1. OK, so what is peppermint bark. I keep on reading about it but have nooo idea what it is. Is it minty chocolate? Looks lovely whatever it is!

  2. Minty chocolate would be a perfect explanation! It is a layer of white chocolate and a layer of dark chocolate with some peppermint thrown in there. ;)