Friday, January 6, 2012

some of this and that.

Totally random here... but a tiny bit of our Christmas break...

-Cinnamon rolls Christmas morning (actually the day before because we were going to be at my parents Christmas morning). We always start out with Happy Birthday Jesus. Christmas has lots of good parts - but Christ's birthday is the one I do not want our kids (or myself) to ever forget.

-I did get three pair of mittens knitted! The pair Liz is wearing is using the Outsider Mittens pattern. The other 2 - still need photos of - I used my pattern in "Weekend Knitting".

-Chocolate macaroons - always love these. Recipe from "A Homemade Life".

-My own Purl Bee's Mary Jane's. Knit with some lark from quince & co.

-A teacher gift. Complete with a cozy, a flag, some lemonade packets and a gift card to starbucks. The cozy knit up really fast.

-I did get the stitching completed for the table runner, working on sewing one up. I also cut out the pieces for the nativity ornament.

This was my first Christmas break that I was not home the entire time. It was different, hard to leave the kids and leave the mess... but I was able to get the tree down and laundry caught up in the evenings. AND I think I played more with the kids in the evenings. That was a personal highlight for me. We bought "Ticket To Ride" for the family and so between that and Chutes and Ladders - we fit in a lot of game time. Something that I am not always that great about doing. Sometimes I am amazed how God can use unexpected change to really help mold us in areas that aren't always so easy.

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